JAYSYNTH, an innovative company were founded in 1971, has a passion for colorants. We are experts in Colour Chemistry and Art of Particle Processing.

Our knowledge and experience of synthesis of Intermediate, Dyestuff, Pigments and Additives have facilitated us to develop the modern technology of Purification of Colorants and stable Particle reduction up to 200 nano meter in Polar and non Polar media.

Our product portfolio of Dyestuff, Pigments, Pigments Dispersions and Digital Inks contributes to the value addition and solutions for our customers for Ink, Paint, Coating, Plastic Masterbatches and Textile Industries globally. We are successfully partnered with our customers for last 5 decades.

We provide the work environment that fosters team work, innovations, accountability and intra communication of each individual for his/her personal growth and development.

Our economic growth is ethically combined with enviornmental protection and social responsibility.